Carousel is a brilliant content scroller that we’ve made as a slider. The background caption uses our COLOR AUTO ADAPTATION feature to gain maximum effect.


The content scroller is one of the finest content scrollers / sliders out there. It’s size cand be easily adjusted to suit any needs and the background COLOR is adjusted automatically via our COLOR ADAPTER

You can adjust the following:
  • Image Width
  • Image Height
  • Turn image border ON / OFF
  • Set the number of elements you want to scroll

This is your Content Scroller
  • Unique Color Feature
  • 9 Awesome Sliders
  • Powerful Admin
  • The Ultimate Dark Theme
  • Built for the future
  • Dark Fashion Website
  • SEO friendly coding
Here is where you can add a short description of the items you want to show. Easy to set up and has a great visual impact! The content scroller can be set up to be displayed on every page or just on the front page.