This are our front page sliders: each and every one of them is remarkable. You can choose to use them or not, but we suggest you do! Each slide uses our PREMIUM COLOR AUTO ADAPTATION ALGORITHM so you have the best visual impact for each and every slide, or you can se them individually or even use the theme color.
The PIECEMAKER – Awesome 3D Slider

piecemaker slider

The piecemaker is one of the coolest sliders out there. It is based on Adobe Flash and has some nice 3D rolling transitions. It is built to impres!
Nivo Slider with small buttons

nivo small buttons

Nivo Slider doesn’t need any introductions since it’s been used in every good website out there because it has some key features: It is FAST, POWERFUL and it has KILLER LOOKS !!! It’s packed with transitions and effects that will give your work the preview it deserves.
Wide Slider

wide slider

This is our own little FULL WIDTH slider that has a simple but effective transition that will please everyone.
Carousel Slider

carousel slider

We’ve all seen carousels on a website or two. But This one is fully customizable. You can either select one of our standard picture sizes or you can just simply type in your own CUSTOM SIZE and it will quickly adapt.
Nivo Slider with big thumbnails

nivo big buttons

Complex Slider

complex slider

The name says it all… doesn’t it?! It’s the fastest way for your website visitos to view a great deal of content with the speed of a blink of the eye and they will know what you’re all about
Anything Slider (with / without videos) has an adjustable height

anything slider

This is one of the simplest sliders but than again… one of the strongest. It also alows you to add VIDEOS… yes, it does. And furthermore, you can scroll between various videos and pictures, and the videos will SELF-PAUSE and RESUME when you get back on the slide. By itself? YES! By ITSELF !
This is your Content Scroller
  • Unique Color Feature
  • 9 Awesome Sliders
  • Powerful Admin
  • The Ultimate Dark Theme
  • Built for the future
  • Dark Fashion Website
  • SEO friendly coding
Here is where you can add a short description of the items you want to show. Easy to set up and has a great visual impact! The content scroller can be set up to be displayed on every page or just on the front page.