VIDEO Slider

This is one of the simplest sliders but than again… one of the strongest. It also alows you to add VIDEOS… yes, it does. And furthermore, you can scroll between various videos and pictures, and the videos will SELF-PAUSE and RESUME when you get back on the slide. By itself? YES! By ITSELF !
  • plays VIDEOS
  • self pause
  • self resume
  • COLOR auto-adapts to the image!
This is your Content Scroller
  • Unique Color Feature
  • 9 Awesome Sliders
  • Powerful Admin
  • The Ultimate Dark Theme
  • Built for the future
  • Dark Fashion Website
  • SEO friendly coding
Here is where you can add a short description of the items you want to show. Easy to set up and has a great visual impact! The content scroller can be set up to be displayed on every page or just on the front page.